We respect your privacy. We understand that it is important for you to know that how we gather information and in what specific way we use, store, transfer or disclose the collected data.

Thus the privacy policy of Kore Conferences is prepared to acquaint you with our practices and procedures that we follow.

The personal information collected by Kore Conferences comprises of the name, telephone number, email-address, and credit card numbers of the user. However we gather information only after your consent.

We may ask you to provide these details when you visit our website or buy a service from us. At the time of registering with us, also, you may be asked to give us some personal information. You can also be approached to provide these details when you subscribe to our newsletters, participate in any of the events organized by us or when you send you send us feedback of our services by any means- email, phone or fax.

We use the personal information collected on your consent to provide you better services according to your preferences. The data that we gather may be transferred to our industry-specified third parties for booking and reservation purposes only if it is required.

When you register with us, purchase our services or when you make any booking with us, you give us your consent to use and transfer your personal information in the above mentioned processes.

We may use this information to track your user-experience and purchase history. We may reach you to offer our services based on this tracked data. We may send you emails or approach you to notify you about the change of terms, conditions or privacy policy. When you subscribe or avail our services, you authorize us to send you notifications and information or to call you about the services that you have opted.

We may use the information provided by you to avail you with personalized and customized content according to your preferences and previous user-history. We may contact you to send reminders regarding payment notices, travel deals and hotel offers.

We never use your personal information without your consent. You can also unsubscribe if you do not want to get notified or receive such information from us.

Non-personal information collected by us includes the data that is not directly provided by the user. It comprises of the IP address, browser and device information along with the location of the user. We may also collect data regarding language and operating system. We may keep a track record of the search queries and activities of the users on our website.

Non-personal information collected is used to analyze, research and improve our services and user-experience. We summarize the data to understand user-behavior in a better way and to provide improved customized services.

When you visit our website, subscribe with us or get indulged in any kind of customer-activity on our website; we get the access to collect this non-personal information.

We allow you to keep hold of your personal information by giving you access to it. You can get your information updated, corrected or deleted as per the accuracy and requirements. You can contact us by email to make these changes.

We apply specific and appropriate measures to protect your data from unauthorized access. We employ internet security procedures ensure that your data remains safe with us.


Kore Conferences is not responsible for the services, content, privacy policies or security measures adopted by any of the third parties.


Our privacy policies may change to follow updated laws and regulations. We may also revise our policies with time.

Our users may be notified in such case through email or newsletters. You may also stay updated with our latest version of privacy policy by visiting our website.